Silk Flower Centerpieces

Silk Flower Centerpieces

A silk flower centerpiece is beautiful, even as it is pictured online or displayed on a store shelf. This beauty goes with it wherever the arrangement goes, however each one is unique and some centerpieces will complement a particular decor and color scheme better than others. Considering room colors and decor prior to a purchase will help assure that an arrangement fits with its surroundings instead of being an isolated island of beauty that looks a little out-of-place.

Matching a color scheme can be easier to understand than to accomplish. Success depends on the right color or colors being available in the arrangements under consideration. Colors schemes usually include one dominant color and any number of secondary colors. The colors involved in a room's color scheme include all colors that are there - walls, floor, furniture, furnishings, pictures and other decorations. When choosing an arrangement, it should match at least one of the colors in the room. It is even better if more than one color used in the room is found in the silk flowers, but matching a secondary color is just as good as matching the primary color.

The most common types of decor or style are modern, country and contemporary. Considering the basics of each style and choosing a silk flower centerpiece that matches these characteristics will insure that the arrangement will go with and compliment its surroundings.

Modern - It was probably a proponent of modern decor that coined the phrase "Less is more." The modern style emphasizes simplicity and straight lines with a minimum number of items on walls or tables. One example of a modern silk flower arrangement would be a tall, thin vase with only a few flowers that stand fairly straight.

Country - People that enjoy country decor live by the saying "The more the merrier." Terms that capture the essence of country decor include curves, fancy, frilly, ornate and fullness. This style prefers a wall with an array of pictures rather than a single picture, and a table is likely to have multiple items displayed on it. Silk flower arrangements that fit best in country decor have a vase that is shapely and ornate. The vase is filled with as many flowers as possible so that the volume filled is as full as possible with no voids. The types of flowers that best compliment country decor include those that might be picked from a backyard garden.

Contemporary - Contemporary decor includes "What's here and now." With modern and country styles at opposite ends of the continuum, contemporary decor holds the middle ground. It is neither as stark as modern nor as frilly as country. The best silk flower arrangements for use in a contemporary setting will have a vase with some curves and designs that are a little less ornate than country, and, while the arrangement is full of flowers, there may be an open space here and there.

Since there is great diversity in silk flower arrangements, many overlap modern and contemporary styles and can be used in either while others overlap contemporary and country styles. There are also some, mostly associated with holidays or seasons of the year, that can be used in any of the three types of decor.

Verbal descriptions are good, but for a subject associated with style and flowers, pictures of the arrangements being discussed are much better. The page Matching Decor provides pictures of arrangements and explains how each one would fit comfortably into a specific decor or multiple styles.

When room color scheme and decor are part of the parameters for choosing a silk flower centerpiece, the arrangement will both bring its own beauty and compliment its surroundings. For some people the process is more automatic than it is for others, but everyone can accomplish the task of bringing optimum beauty to home or office. Everyone is encouraged to find a corner of a room that needs a little help and brighten it with a silk flower arrangement.