Flower Pictures for Christmas

Flower Pictures for Christmas

Remember your elementary school days when drawing a picture of a flower at school would suffice as a beautiful piece of artwork to display on your refrigerator? At least, your mom and dad thought so...

This time around, you are older, and you probably do not have the desire to draw, nor post your personal art on the family fridge. But mentioning this does have meaning, because Christmas is approaching, a time to reflect on your loved ones, and the memories that you treasure with them. Specifically, your parents, recipients of your many pieces of childhood art, can be reminded of your sentimental artwork with a decorative flower picture.

Giving your parents a flower picture will be a reminder of your childhood artwork. This time though, you have opted to give them such a picture that can hang as a decorative ornament, not just on your fridge. Displayed in the kitchen or living room walls, or as a bathroom decoration, a flower picture will add beauty to the setting of a room.

A distinctive kind of picture

A unique style of art, this kind of picture brings fresh flowers pressed and preserved between two pieces of glass, and enjoyed as an exquisite display of floral art. Real flowers, whether displayed in a frame or in a vase, will add a colorful presence to the room. Especially during the holidays, when decorations are frequent, flower pictures or displays will bring a refreshing outdoor creation into the home.

A unique decoration

Especially during Christmas, decorations in the home will be frequent with a Christmas tree in the living room, a holiday wreath at the front door, or Christmas lights radiating the home. Likewise, a d├ęcor as small as a flower picture will capture the holidays with ivy leaves or red verbena, displayed on the wall.

This Christmas, think a bit outside of the box and don't refer to the traditional gifts you're used to giving your parents. Instead, decorate your parents' home with a wall decoration, perhaps a flower picture, or something else to help beautify the home you grew up in. Your parents will appreciate a home decoration such as a flower picture because it brings on sentimental value. Only this time around, your flower picture will be more deserving than being placed on a refrigerator door!