Flowers Pictures

Flowers Pictures

Flower pictures have a wonderful energy; colourful, cheerful, graphic, dramatic, soft and pretty, whatever you taste in flower pictures they are sure to transform a room or beautify an everyday object. There are so many ways of using a flower photograph to add a bit of color to your life and so many gorgeous images to use. But when your walls are full and you have no more space to hang another framed print, you don't have to stop collecting flower pictures. You can brighten your day with a new flower picture in so many different ways.

Here are just a few suggestions of how to use the latest flower image you've discovered from an online image library or even just torn from a magazine. All these ideas can be done cheaply at home with a color printer and basic computer programs:

1. Use flower pictures to cover books with. Whether it is children's school books or that well used recipe book that is starting to fall apart, a personalised book cover is the best way of protecting the book to make it last longer, as well as making it your own with beautiful images. Make a collage with flower pictures cut from magazines or choose just one beautiful flower image from an online flower gallery and print it out on good quality paper to use as a book cover. One image centered on white paper will look elegant as well as beautiful, while a collage can become a wonderful profusion of color and texture like an old fashioned cottage garden.

2. Choose a flower picture to use as a screen saver. Then every time that your computer falls idle you'll come back to a cheerful and tranquil screen of beauty, putting you in a better mood to start work again. Download an image from an image library or upload your own flower photos. You can even create a changing gallery of your own flower images to vary your screensavers.

3. Create your own stationery with unique flower images. Rather than buying decorated notepaper and cards you can make your own. Choose your favourite flower images and size then up to make a header to appear at the top of your letter. Either print it out blank for a hand-written letter or use it as a decorative header on a typed letter.

4. If you never mail old-fashioned letters any more, you can still use a flower image to beautify your e-mails by including it in your e-mail footer, making your e-mails a pleasure to read for the recipient.

5. Kids' crafts can use up a never-ending supply of flower images. If your kids like cutting and gluing, collageing and creating then print them out a range of flower images so that they are guaranteed to end up with beautiful results... especially if they are making it for you to treasure and display on your desk for the next year or two! Get them to collage you a flower covered box that you can use as well as enjoy looking at.

Cutting up old magazines is the traditional source of collage material, but if you no longer buy magazines then go online and collect up the exact images you want to use from free or low cost image libraries. Print out all the images you want to use on as few pages as possible by re-sizing them and you will have saved paper too.

There are hundreds more ways of bringing flower images into your life: from using a flower image instead of your portrait on Facebook, to creating flower image labels to decorate home-made jellies and preserves, so there is no need to limit yourself to framed flower art on the wall when you want some more flower energy in your life.