Chrysanthemum Flower Wallpapers

Chrysanthemum Flower Wallpapers

Chrysanthemum flowers are the member of the Asteraceae along with dandelions, dahlia and asters. According to the horticultural studies the Asteraceae flowering plant features florets and bracts. The florets is a cluster of flowers composed as the disk flower heads usually in the centerpiece of the end of the main stem, and its color is yellow. Each floret is capable of producing a seed. While the bracts are some structures of ray flowers surrounding the florets which are usually seen in various color; yellow, red, orange, purple, etc. Because of its boldness and multi cultivars, this flower has become one of the most popular flowers either in floral bouquets and cut flower arrangements or used as a herbaceous border in the garden landscaping.

You could learn that this bloom comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the type and arrangement of the disk (florets) and ray flowers (bracts) if you are interested in more details on the nature of the chrysanthemums. Some of them look alike a daisy and others might resemble dahlia.

Apart from the growing in the garden plant and nursery, the very exciting point to discover about this flower, has involved in so many cultural symbols in history. In Japan it has becomes the noble crest noted by the Japanese Emperor to award the honor such as The Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum. As in Chinese traditional remedy, Chrysanthemum is used as a flavored tea for relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and soul. For white chrysanthemums some formally used to show the feeling of grief and sympathy for the funerals or as the flowers on the grave.

In the business that involves the flower bouquets arrangement and service i.e. florist center, chrysanthemum has become a favorite flower next to roses demand in some special occasions such as in wedding anniversary, birthdays, valentine's day, for sympathy expression for death, and congratulations bouquet or wreath. It is also picked to be as a birthday flower for the month of November.

This perennial is easy to be planted and taken care off in any kind of soil. You can even plant this in a flower pot near the window at your apartment or in the decorative container in your patio. Its life cycle is considerably long and requires a tropical climate for the best performance. As long as you water, cut, and fertilize it you could enjoy the beautiful blooming from the spring until the fall season comes in. By planting your own chrysanthemum and giving it as a gift to your beloved friend might be a satisfying gift to express your sincerity of your friendship.