Blue Wedding Flowers

Blue Wedding Flowers

Admittedly, red, gold, green, orange and white are colours which are never going to be out of the trend because of their traditional value. Still, one also has to admit that these colours are way too common and are found in almost every second wedding décor. Therefore, at times, these colours fail to appease the aesthetic sense of people who don't want to join the herd or people who want to break themselves from the age-old traditions.

If you too belong to the same category of tradition breakers and have been dreaming of doing something totally different and novel with your wedding, then blue is the colour for you. Blue wedding flowers would not only add a touch of novelty to your wedding ceremony but would also help you to maximise the appeal of your wedding decor, no matter what your wedding theme is, a formal or a casual one. All you need to do is to pick the right shade of blue wedding flowers which would synchronise well with your wedding décor.

Combining blue wedding flowers with other colours can work wonders with your wedding décor. Dark blue wedding flowers like, navy blue would pair up well with purple and would add an element of class and elegance to your wedding décor. For instance, consider pairing Delphinium flowers with purple ivy and ferns and add a rich splash of colours to your wedding ceremony.

If you had been planning a royal wedding ceremony, then you must consider adding royal blue wedding flowers in your wedding decorations. As the name denotes, the colour will indubitably lend a royal look to your entire wedding décor. Moreover, can you imagine anything more royal than royal blue roses and orchids? Well, I can't!

For a formal wedding ceremony as well, blue wedding flowers would serve the purpose well. For instance, imagine combining blue and white wedding flowers. The combination would neither be too loud nor too muted but just the right balance of shades suitable for a formal occasion.

In case you want to give a dramatic look to your wedding décor, consider pairing blue with yellow flowers. It will push up the level of brightness in your wedding décor and would give the entire ambience a warm and lively touch.

Blue is just the colour meant for people who are looking for an element of novelty in their wedding décor. The colour would not only heighten the beauty and elegance of your wedding décor but would also go down well with any theme that you have in mind for your wedding. However, make sure that you discuss your requirements with your florist well in advance of the wedding. In case blue flowers do not grow in that particular season then you may have to get them exported from other places or if that sounds to be a bit dear then dyeing carnation flowers blue would also serve your purpose.